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Laisy Daisy

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2 Day Designs

Laisy Daisy

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2 Day Designs Laisy Daisy

Spice up your kitchen area with the 2 Day Designs Laisy Daisy (714P, 714R, 714W, 714O, 714B, 714C, 714F). This large lazy susan is perfect for use on large family tables, kitchen islands, and much more. The surface of the lazy susan is made out of rough sawn wood and comes with seven (7) color options to allow you to find one that will fit in perfectly with your existing kitchen decor. This lazy susan has a 35" x 5" surface area to give you a large space for placing anything that you might need onto the lazy susan.

Unlike many lazy susans that can only handle a small amount of weight, this lazy susan can hold up to 250 pounds and still spin freely, to allow you to pile on heavy serving trays, plates, and anything else that you might want to put onto it. Underneath the wood surface is a reclaimed wine barrel metal ring that furthers the rustic theme of the lasy susan. A true ball bearing is built underneath the surface so that this lazy susan spins easily and smoothly, even with heavy items placed on top. This lazy susan is as practical as it is elegant and will enhance the functionality and appearance of your kitchen.

  • Smooth Operation:

    A true ball bearing helps this lazy susan spin smoothly and freely

  • Large Weight Capacity:

    This lazy susan can operate with a load of up to 250 pounds

  • Wine Barrel Base:

    Underneath the wood platform is a full wine barrel base that is durable and antique in appearance