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Trellis Bottle Display Wine Rack

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2 Day Designs

Trellis Bottle Display Wine Rack

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2 Day Designs Trellis Bottle Display Wine Rack

The artfully-crafted 2 Day Designs Trellis Bottle Display Wine Rack (WV726P, WV726R, WV726W, WV726O, WV726B, WV726C, WV726F) features a beautiful double stave arbor design that looks great no matter where you use it. Weighing only 7 pounds, it’s light enough to move around easily to complement the décor in any room, yet solidly constructed to support the weight of up to seven (7) bottles. The wide spacing even provides enough space for magnums and large champagne bottles.

  • Double Stave Arbor Design:

    A beautiful and functional design that raises your wine bottles in an arch-like formation to showcase your bottles individually or as a collection

  • Wide-Spaced Racking:

    Capable of holding larger-width bottles as the rack is constructed with considerable space between each bottle's place

  • Available in 7 Different Finishes:

    Comes in a variety of colors to fit any space, including: pine, rouge, weathered, ocean, butternut, caramel, and fern