50 Gallon Rain Catcher Wood Grain

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Achla 50 Gallon Rain Barrel

Collect and conserve water with the Achla 50 Gallon Rain Catcher Wood Grain (RB-03). Rainwater is stored in a polyethylene plastic barrel for later use. Stored water from rain barrels is used for irrigation or to wash your car or vehicle, all without the need to turn on the hose, allowing you to save on water bills.

The barrel features a unique debris screen that keeps out leaves, bird droppings, and other waste. For optimal safety and peace of mind, the lid on this rain barrel is child-proof. 

  • Corrosion proof screen guard with safety in mind:

    Childproof lid for optimal safety; protect children and objects from falling into rain barrel.

  • Hose connection

    Threaded fitting in barrel base allows easy connection to a hose.

  • UV and Heat resistant:

    This barrel is created though a rotation molding process guaranteeing durability and withstanding extreme heat.


  • Model: RB-03
    Achla 50 Gallon Rain Barrel
  • Brand: Achla
    Debris screen
  • Polyethylene construction
    Removable drain plug drains water and sludge
  • 4 Foot Hose
    Threaded fitting connects to hose
  • Molded UV resistant plastic
    Weight: 20 pounds
  • Child safety guard
    Dimensions: 32" h x 16" w x 23" l
  • Note: water is not safe for consumption and should only be used for gardening