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17 Cu. Ft. Dual Temp Refrigerator/Freezer

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American BioTech Supply

17 Cu. Ft. Dual Temp Refrigerator/Freezer

Hurry, sale ends Sunday!
List Price: $1,748.75
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American BioTech Supply 17 Cu. Ft. Dual Temp Refrigerator/Freezer - White

Designed specifically for use in medical labs the American BioTech Supply 17 Cu. Ft. Dual Temp Refrigerator/Freezer (ABT-RFC-17A) has a clean and efficient design, ideal for storing medical supplies. The refrigerator compartment offers 13 cu. ft. of space while the freezer offers 4 cu. ft. The temperature controller can set between 0° and +10° C on the refrigerator and -15° and -10° C on the freezer to keep all your supplies and medicines at the appropriate temperature. A freestanding unit, the exterior features a white textured cabinet and doors while the interior is protected with a high density urethane foam cabinet and door insulation.

The refrigerator interior features one (1) fixed shelf and two (2) adjustable shelves. The solid, swing doors provide privacy for the contents. This medical unit will ensure proper storage of important items that require very specific and exceptionally cool temperatures, while keeping them safe and secure. Other features include: a mechanical thermostat, leveling legs, a magnetic door gasket, interior lights, and probe access port.

  • Refrigerator/Freezer:

    The 13 cu. ft. refrigerator and 4 cu. ft. freezer have separate doors and three (3) shelves

  • Temperature Range:

    The refrigerator compartment can be set between 0° and +10° C while the freezer run between -15° and -10° C

  • Ideal Use:

    Ideal for use in spaces with medical supplies that need to kept safe and at a consistent temperature

Note: These general purpose units are intended for general purpose applications only where precise temperature control and maintenance are not essential and there are no requirements for temperature alarms.