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120V Caribbean Dual Burner Cooktop - Black

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120V Caribbean Dual Burner Cooktop - Black

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Kenyon 120 V Caribbean Dual Burner Cooktop - Black

For the ultimate in function without sacrificing form, the Kenyon Caribbean Dual Burner Cooktop (B41601) is the solution for you. With a ceramic smooth glass surface and easy-to-use controls, this 2-burner electric cooktop is perfect for high-end compact spaces.

  • Sleek Design:

    Due to the stark white accents and easy-to-clean, clear black glass, this cooktop adds convenience and modern style to any space

  • Analog Controls:

    The turn-dial analog controls provide a no-fuss cooking experience

  • Safety Precautions:

    The heat-limiting surface protectors and "hot" and "on" indication lights are meant to keep you and your loved ones out of harm's way