Bayou Classic 700-709 $559.00

9 Gallon Bayou Fryer

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Bayou Classic

9 Gallon Bayou Fryer

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Bayou Classic 9 Gallon Bayou Fryer - Black

Fry up some good food with the Bayou Classic 9 Gallon Bayou Fryer (700-709). This restaurant-quality fryer comes with three (3) stainless steel baskets with a cool touch handle, as well as three (3) basket spaces and a stainless braided hose. This unit is perfect for frying outdoors, and is good for entertaining large groups or making a family meal.

This fryer features a temperature gauge and a drain valve, while the v-bottom design lets you use the same oil more than just once, allowing you to save money instead of having to go buy oil every time you fry. This 9 gallon unit is made of a durable 12-gauge solid painted steel, includes locking casters and a fixed side shelf, and runs on propane (LC).

  • Basket Included:

    Three (3) stainless steel baskets with cool touch handles included

  • Save Money:

    V-bottom design saves you money by allowing oil to be re-used

  • Added Features:

    Includes a temperature gauge, locking casters, a side shelf and a drain valve