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Double Jet Cooker

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Bayou Classic

Double Jet Cooker

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Bayou Classic Double Jet Cooker - Black

Get cookin' with the Bayou Classic Double Jet Cooker (SP40). This 20 PSI double jet cooker is one of the hottest burners on the market, with the potential to allow 40 PSI. This unit has a larger and wider stand than most cookers, with a 22" cooking surface. The stand can hold a pot with up to 162 quarts (or 40 gallons), so you'll never have to worry about using two burners.

With the 20 PSI option, this burner can produce up to 180,000 BTUs, which makes this cooker perfect for large gatherings such as family reunions or neighborhood parties. As one of the most efficient burners on the market, it is also built for safety, strength, and durability, which makes it great for the frequent cooker.

  • Cooks Large Quantities:

    With 20 PSI and the ability to hold up to 4 gallons, this cooker can make a large amount of food

  • Large Surface:

    The 22" cooking surface is bigger than most cookers

  • Durable:

    The welded steel frame construction makes this burner durable and able to last a long time