Bayou Classic 11XFRY $75.00 - $116.00

Fryer/Steamer w/ Lid and Basket

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Bayou Classic

Fryer/Steamer w/ Lid and Basket

List Price: $93.75 - $145.00
$75.00 - $116.00
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Bayou Classic Fryer/Steamer w/ Lid and Basket - Stainless Steel

Cook and fry to your hearts content when you use the Bayou Classic Fryer/Steamer w/ Lid and Basket (1124, 1136, 1144). This commercial grade 304 stainless steel basket enables you to cook like a pro using the most durable cookware available, and this restaurant quality steel will last you a lifetime. This stock pot can not only cook and boil, but it can also steam, giving you 3 inches between the bottom of the pot and the boil basket to boil your water ans steam your food with ease.

The vented lid allows you to easily vent your cooked food for slow roasting and other cooking methods, while the heavy-duty handles keep your hands from burning and support the weight of the entire pot when it's filled to the brim. Normally reserved for commercial applications, these pots are designed to cook a large amount of food in no time, so you can be sure that your whole family will enjoy a few nights of southern cooking every once in a while. Perfect for in home or outdoor cooking jobs, you can cook your food with ease and ensure that your pot will last for a long time.

  • Durable:

    The durable material of this pot allows you to cook worry-free

  • Commercial Grade:

    Made of commercial grade 304 stainless steel, this pot can be used in restaurants, homes, and the great outdoors

  • Cooking Options:

    Enabling you to cook, boil, fry, or steam your food, you will never run out of different ways to cook with the pot and basket combo