Climate Right

Outdoor/Indoor Portable Heater/AC

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Climate Right Deluxe Outdoor/Indoor Portable Heater and AC

Heat or cool your outdoor shed, garage, or pet house with the Climate Right Outdoor/Indoor Portable Heater/AC (88888). This innovative unit is easy to use and can heat or cool up to 1,000 cu ft with low energy consumption. It can run off a standard wall socket or generator, or it can be used with the included hose assembly kit, meaning that this versatile machine is great for small rooms, camping trips, and anything else that may require temperature regulation.

In addition, the Climate Right Outdoor/Indoor Portable Heater/AC's temperature range is from 62° F - 90° F. Plus, it's quiet to operate and includes a manual and a 1-year limited warranty.

  • Great For Small Spaces:

    Maintain a comfortable temperature in areas up to 1,000 cu ft

  • Low Energy Consumption:

    It operates at 72kW and can run continuously

  • Digital Display:

    The digital display has many custom settings including heat only, AC only, heat/cool dual, sleep mode, fan speed adjust, and timer shut off

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