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PerfectFlow Instastart Grill Stove

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PerfectFlow Instastart Grill Stove

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Coleman PerfectFlow Instastart Grill Stove - Red and Black

Cook wonderful dinners in the great outdoors with the Coleman PerfectFlow Instastart Grill Stove (2000003733). This outdoor grill features two (2) powerful 10,000 BTU burners that are capable of cooking a large amount of food in very little time. With both a grill and a stove option, you'll be sure you can cook several different types of food with ease. Thanks to the PerfectFlow propane pressure control system, you'll get optimal gas flow throughout your cooking time, as well as a consistent burn on each burner so your foods will cook evenly and thoroughly throughout.

The WindBlock wind shielding system helps to keep out the harsh winds as you try to cook, which also allows for maximum heat during the cooking process. You won't need to worry about starting the oven or gas, as the InstaStart matchless lighting system provides the stove with an electronic ignition to make it easier to cook. With a removable grill grate made of aluminum as well as a nickel-chrome stove grate, you can be sure that your food won't stick to either the stove or grill. Perfect for camping as well as indoor use, this grill will be your best companion in either setting.

  • Propane Pressure Control:

    PerfectFlow propane pressure control ensures perfect gas flow through each burner, as well as optimal cooking performance

  • Powerful Cooking:

    Two (2) powerful 10,000 BTU burners make for a powerful stove, which is great for cooking large outdoor meals

  • Wind Shielding System:

    The WindBlock wind shielding system ensures maximum heat for cooking while protecting your food and cooking process