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Feet Foot Warming Reusable Insert

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Feet Foot Warming Reusable Insert

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Cozy Feet Foot Warming Reusable Battery Powered Shoe Insert

Cozy Feet Battery Powered Shoe Inserts (CF) are just the solution to cold toes when outdoors during the winter months. Just slip them into your shoes and start warming your cold toes and feet instantly. This shoe insert is super thin with embedded brass coils - great for skiers, hunters, athletes, construction workers, distance runners and anyone spending time in the great outdoors.

Shock proof and low voltage, Cozy Feet heat in seconds to a maximum of 98°F and can be used repeatedly. The battery-operated foot warmer provides warmth without reheating in a microwave, a reactive chemical or an electrical outlet.

  • Great for Poor Circulation:

    These foot warmers are great for those with bad circulation or other medical conditions causing cold extremities

  • Keep Your Feet Warm on the Job:

    Cozy Feet are great for postal workers, delivery specialists, construction workers, engineers, and salespeople

  • Stay Warm While Riding:

    Whether you get there on horseback, by motorcycle, or by bicycle, Cozy Feet keep you warm even when exercising or commuting