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Humidifier - Dog

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Humidifier - Dog

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Crane Cool Mist Dog Humidifier

Relieve your little ones of cold, cough, and flu symptoms and assure them a good night's sleep with this adorable Crane Cool Mist Dog Humidifier(EE-3190). Its 1-gallon water tank is easy to store and allows for hydration throughout the night for up to 11 hours providing a total output of 2.1 gallons of moisture per day.

The Cool Mist Dog Humidifier is also a great alternative to over-the-counter children's medications that only have a temporary effect and can leave your children drowsy. Rest easy knowing that this recommeded method with low power consumption is sure to improve air quality and make breathing easier for your kids.

  • Relieves Cold, Cough, and Flu Symptoms:

    Has variable humidity control

  • Improves Air Quality:

    Increases moisture in the air

  • Low Power Consumption:

    Automatically shuts off when dry