Bayou Classic

Cypress Ceramic Charcoal Grill with Cart and Side Shelves

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Cypress Ceramic Charcoal Grill with Cart and Side Shelves by Bayou Classic

The ancient art of Kamado grilling is now both accessible and affordable with the Cypress Ceramic Charcoal Grill (500-515) from Bayou Classic. The Kamado secret is in the shape and weight of thick ceramic. The rounded shape of heavy ceramic creates an intense pressure that seals in moisture as radiating heat circulates and penetrates the food. No other conventional grill captures this function to such a high degree. This grill also includes a cart for added portability, and side shelves for convenience.

The handcrafted cypress leaf finish blends with any patio setting. Each grill is unique, with a distinctly different color pattern and texture that accentuates its character. It is suitable for year round use regardless of weather conditions, so you can grill, BBQ, smoke and bake whenever you need to. Each finish is distinctly different, and unique to you!

  • Ceramic Grilling Technology:

    The Cypress Ceramic Grill retains heat and moisture better than conventional grills by controlling the heat, radiating and circulating it throughout the grill

  • Multiple Cooking Options:

    The Cypress Ceramic Grill will consistently grill, BBQ, smoke and bake at the temperature you need

  • Less Charcoal Usage:

    The insulating quality of ceramic cooks food with only a small consumption of charcoal


  • Model: 500-515
    Cypress Ceramic Charcoal Grill
  • Brand: Bayou Classic
    18" Stainless Steel Grill is reversible for height adjustment
  • Stainless steel air vent
    Temperature accuracy is attained by adjusting the vents
  • Cool touch stainless handle
    Included cart and convenient side shelving
  • Spring loaded lid lift assist
    Handcrafted from quality ceramic
  • Low heat exterior surface
    Cool Touch Stainless Handle