Studebaker Air Path Airmover

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Dri-Eaz STudebaker AirPath Airmover

The DRI-EAZ STUDEBAKER AIRPATH TurboDryer F377 offers a patented 360° outlet grill design, the AirPath pulls warm, dry air from above and directs it across the entire surface of the floor at once – up to 12 feet in all directions. Simply place in the center of a room and lock in place to dry carpet, tile, vinyl or hard-wood floors faster than ever. The AirPath includes locking wheel casters to stay firmly in place when drying hard surface floors in minutes – not hours. Use the AirPath to dry carpets or hard surface floors quickly after cleaning, leaks and spills. Simply switch on the AirPath to either a high or low setting – then leave it to work while you move onto the next task.


  • Model: Studebaker AirPath
    Studebaker Airpath TurboDryer
  • Brand: Dri-Eaz
    1 HP Motor
  • Color: Blue
    2 speed fan
  • Easily Stacked for storage and transport
    Power: 746W / 7.5A
  • Easy-grip handle
    120 Volts / 60 Hertz
  • Warranty: One year warranty
    Dimensions: 24"h x 20.3"w x 19"d