Danby Portable Twin Tub Washer - 10.0 Lb. Capacity  Model:DTT420


  • Height: 36 4/16"
  • Width: 28 15/16"
  • Depth: 17 1/10"
  • Danby Portable Twin Tub Washer - 10.0 Lb. Capacity
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    Description & Highlights

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    The Danby Twin Tub Washer Operates Super Quietly

    The Danby twin tub washer (model: DTT420) features a large wash tub and separate high speed spin extractor. This Danby portable washer has a 10 lb tub capacity and 2 wash actions (normal and gentle). It features a full size adapter, wash timer, galvanized steel cabinet and easy access lint filter. Manual operation assures that every load is done exactly as you want it- nothing is left to chance!

    • Super Quiet Operation:

      The Danby portable washer has whisper quiet operation so it won't be bothersome while running

    • Easy Roll Casters:

      The caster wheels attached to the bottom of the Danby twin tub washer makes the unit truly portable and easy to move from use to storage

    • Safety Lid:

      The lid of the Danby DTT420 portable washer has a safety sensor that automatically shuts off spinning when the lid is opened

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: DTT420
    • Full length agitator
    • 2 wash actions (normal and gentle)
    • Wash timer
    • Galvanized steel cabinet
    • Polypropylene plastic tubs
    • Easy access lint filter
    • Quick connect to tap / sink
    • Super quiet operation
    • Warranty: One year full parts and labor. In home service
    • 1400 RPM spin dryer
    • 10 lbs tub capacity
    • Large wash tub and spin extractor
    • Safety lid immediately halts spinning when opened
    • Easy roll caster wheels
    • 2 wash cycles (gentle and normal)
    • 13.2 Gallons maximum water usage
    • Shipping weight (Lbs.): 70 lb.
    • Power: 480 watts, 120V, 4 amps
    • Dimensions: 36 4/16"h x 28 15/16"w x 17 1/10"d

    Owners Manuals:

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    Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating: Write a Review
    Danby Portable Twin Tub Washer - 10.0 Lb. Capacity 4.6 5 14 14
    excellent product love this. quiet, cleans great. should have gotten this sooner. August 3, 2012
    Great machine I was renting a house and had hookups for a washer. I detest having to lug everything to the laundromat and paying to wash it, so I started looking for an affordable alternative. Previously I had use the "Wonderwash" with a small spin dryer. While they worked for the short time I needed them, I now have two people's clothes to wash and a mini hand washer just wasn't going to cut it. I found this and am so happy I did! My only word of caution is to be careful with the water intake hose where it attaches to the machine at the top. I had to make sure to not open the valve on my washer hookups too much or the water pressure would force the connection to the machine to start a serious leak! If I had not been moving again I would have probably put a bead of silicone caulking around the insertion to keep it from leaking. Instead, I would just open the water valves slightly and/or stand and hold the hose in tight every time the tub was filling. For me it was definitely worth it. (You can see in the picture that we also had to buy a connector to make the single hose attach to the two separate water hookups.) I never got to try it with the sink faucet hookup, and the apartment I live in now does not allow these portable machines anyway. They say they had problems with them causing flooding situations; that could only be operator error as the sides and bottom of the machine are completely sealed! I never had water come out until my boyfriend tried to take it out of the house without first fully emptying the drain hose! Which reminds me, the drain hose is kinda short. In order for me to hook it over the drain pipe for a washing machine, I had to attach the 2 foot drain hose from my mini spin dryer. You should be able to find the stuff to rig it from any hardware/box home improvement store. September 14, 2011
    If you're an apartment dweller ... or move around In my 60's now, but had a machine similar to this in my 20's made by Hoover. Moved into this apartment 22 years ago and for some reason really disliked the idea of washing my clothes in the public arena, so I had to hunt for one like the Hoover (they haven't made them for years). I knew there had to be someone out there making them and ran across this one, ordered it (ten years ago?). I have Maine Coon cats (lotsa hair everywhere) and have even found the Danby easy to unclog and have found a way to keep hair from getting into the drain system at all (using a plastic kitchen strainer to clear the waste water prior to draining. I have it set on a dolly for easy movement and stash it in the closet under my stairwell. Have always loved the really fast spin and in some cases, depending on the fabric of my clothing, can hang them for five or ten minutes, then be on my way. Be sure that if something should happen to mine, it will be replaced with another Danby. If no one is making them by then, I'll make my own. Won't do without it. My brothers visit and find my laundry time better than with their big bulky machines in their fancy laundry rooms. (tee hee) Better get one ... I paid a whole bunch more for mine years ago ... thinking about buying another one just in case. November 26, 2010
    What A Graet Little Machine! I am single Guy who lives in a TINY APARTMENT. This Machine IS GRAET! I can control all the actions on it. Due to skin allergies, I have to rinse my clothes multiple times. This machine is Great for that. The Spin is Great! It spun my mattress cover so dry that it was dry enough to put back on my bed, after only an hour or so hung over the shower pole in the bathroom. I have found that putting the washing products, detergent, bleach whatever, in first and then swishing it for a second is the best way to start. I load the smaller items first then the bigger items second. Generally speaking the Gentle Cycle is sufficient. I use the Normal for towels and Blue Jeans. Generally speaking I turn the machine on for 15 Minutes, but if I am in a hurry I will only do 8 or 6 minutes. Now for Spinning put heavier items in the bottom. HINT: Tee shirts are heavier, generally speaking than a dress shirt! Lighter items such as socks and underwear go on top. Tamp them down with the white rubber Do Hickey Thing a me bob. You may have to play around with your loading strategy. Give it a good three-minute spin. I usually give the laundry a power rinse/spin for five minutes after that. While the clothes are spinning, the tub can be refilling. After the spins, the Clothes go back into the tub for rinse. I usually rinse 2 to three times. (JUST ME) I have noticed that usually after the second Rinse, the wastewater is clear! This machine has an OVERFLOW drain. If you leave the water running it will drain off excess water. THE MACHINE MUST BE plugged in. Always Plug it in before anything. Now this machine DOES NOT HAVE A SAFETY SWITCH or Fuse on it. One day I Moved the Machine up to the sink, started the water then put the clothes in, and answered the telephone. I was horrified that I had neglected this machine. The water in the washtub had over flowed into the spinner. I turned on the spinner. NOTHING! It was not plugged in. I plugged it in and still nothing! Nothing Worked. To Make a Long Story Short When I plugged in the machine, it tripped the circuit breaker. Once switched on everything was fine. SO PLUG THE MACHINE IN FIRST! I have recommended this machine to other people. November 21, 2009
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