Danby Portable Top Load Washer - 9.2 Lb. Capacity  Model:DWM99W


  • Height: 34 3/4"
  • Width: 20 1/2"
  • Depth: 20 1/2"
  • Danby Portable Top Load Washer - 9.2 Lb. Capacity
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    Description & Highlights

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    The Danby Portable Top Load Washer Cleans Clothes in Compact Spaces

    The Danby DWM99W portable washing machine is a top load washer and has a 9.2 lb capacity. The Danby portable washer is the perfect companion for people that have a minimal amount of space and are not able to install full size units. The Danby portable top load washer features convenient caster wheels and a quick connect faucet adapter, making it a snap to roll out to a sink and do laundry. This Danby compact portable washer comes loaded with features including a durable stainless steel tub, full length top load agitator, 4 water level settings, 5 wash cycles and more.

    • Permanent Connection Option:

      The Danby portable top load washer is fully equipped as a portable washer, but can also be used as a fixed washing machine with standard hook ups

    • Quiet Operation:

      This portable top load washer operates quietly so as not to be disturbing when cleaning clothes

    • Numerous Washing Options:

      The Danby DWM99W is compact, but it has the same cleaning functions of a normal washer such as: hot, warm & cold cycles, fabric selection options and 5 different cleaning cycles

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: DWM99W
    • 9.2 lb. capacity
    • Comes with caster wheels
    • Quick connect adaptor for hooking up to a sink
    • Permanent connection option
    • European softline styling
    • Full length agitator
    • Fabric selection options
    • 4 water level settings
    • Hot / warm / cold wash options
    • Warranty: One year full parts and labor
    •  Stainless steel wash drum
    • 5 cycles
    • Quiet operation
    • 400 rpm spin cycle
    • Maximum and minimum per cycle water consumption: 45.0L/28L; 12.0 gal./7.39 US gal.
    • Power: 300 watts, 120V, 2.5 amps
    • Weight: 82 pounds
    • Dimensions: 34 3/4"h x 20 1/2"w x 20 1/2"d

    Customer Reviews

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    Danby Portable Washer 4.8 5 3 4
    Great little workhorse, 5 years old I've owned and run this quiet little workhorse for five years now, with zero regrets. I live in a one-bedroom condo in Las Vegas, and I permanently hooked it up in the bathroom next to the sink, in a 24" x 24" space. I installed a PVC vertical drain pipe and a permanent connection with a plumber friend next to the bathroom sink. It fits in there perfectly, with room to spare. It never leaked, failed to run, made much noise, or gave me any trouble; it has virtually no effect on the power bill, and it cleans quite well: jeans and work shirts down to my wife's delicates. It has two main cycles: The full 15 minute wash with two rinse-and-spins, and a 7-minute economy cycle with a single rinse-and-spin. Just use the full cycle for dirty loads, the economy cycle or lightly soiled, then set it and forget it until done. This, along with a small 115V dryer, will free you from the annoying laundromat dependency your life doesn't need. For one or two people in an apartment, it's perfect. January 12, 2011
    Works very well I love my new washer. I was tired of going to the laundromat or lugging my laundry to my boyfriend's house to do it. I tried a small, hand-powered washer before this purchase, but didn't like that because it required so much attention. With this new Danby washer I can load the machine up and walk away. I have used the "Economy" setting on all but the first load I did. So far, I've washed my clothes, some kitchen towels/rags and dog blankets/towels. EVERYTHING has come out very, very clean ... more clean than I would have ever expected from a single wash cycle. Not sure if I'll ever need the other wash settings (I've only used the washer for 1 week) but it makes me happy to have so many options, just like on a larger machine. A full load of my clothes (an average sized woman) contained a pair of pants, pair of jeans, fleece sweatshirt, several pairs of socks and undies and a long sleeved shirt. The machine spins the clothes very well, in fact, prior to purchasing this machine I bought a spin dryer to help cut down on dry time. I decided after two loads that it was a waste of time to use it - the washer spun the clothes so well the spin dryer is not needed! Most clothes dry (I hang them inside) in under a few hours - even my jeans. Because I hook mine up to my kitchen sink, I determine my wash/rinse temperatures by choosing to let more or less hot water out of the faucet. If I can remember, I'll wait the 17 minutes for the wash cycle to finish and then change the faucet to only cold for the rinse. (The total Econo wash takes no more than 30 minutes.) Like other reviewers, I wish that the drain tube was more secure, but I can't complain because it does work and I haven't had any leaks - just doesn't seem all that secure to me. Only big complaint is that the cord storage leaves much to be desired ... that is, there is no cord storage! (Which surprises me because I also recently bought a Danby dishwasher and the cord storage is perfect on that ... I digress...) I just let the ends of hoses (drain and supply) drain back into the wash tub and I wheel the machine back to its place next to my refrigerator. I wish I had a pantry closet to keep it in (it would most likely fit in even the smallest closet) but it is not a bad looking machine - I like that it looks a lot like a bigger machine, just smaller. Oh, the only other thing that I can even think of to mention is that there is no bell or buzzer to signal the end of a cycle, so you just have to pay attention. Someday I'll time each cycle so I can set my timer appropriately ... that would be useful mostly so I can remember to add bleach or fabric softener. I think the machine is a perfect size. While I have had to get through a "back-log" of laundry so to speak, now that I'm caught up, I can see needing the machine only a few times a week at most to get all my weekly laundry done. All in all, I would make this purchase again. I know it will serve me well while I'm in this tiny apartment and could easily become an additional washer in a larger place. January 29, 2009
    I love this washer!!!!! This washer is perfect for small spots but does a decent size load. Cleans beautifully, spins great! is very quiet. October 31, 2008
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