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DeLonghi Gran Dama Super Automatic Espresso Machine

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DeLonghi Gran Dama Super Automatic Espresso Machine - Open Box

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This "Open Box" product is in excellent condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with little or no cosmetic blemishes. The product has been tested for quality assurance and is certified "Open Box". All "Open Box" units include a 90 day parts & labor warranty through the original manufacturer and are not eligible for a “buyer’s remorse” return. *Note – units manufactured by Danby do not include the original manufacturer’s warranty. Please review our main “returns & refunds” page for full details.

DeLonghi Gran Dama Super Automatic Espresso Machine - OPENBOX

Get the most from your beans with the DeLonghi Gran Dama Super Automatic Espresso Machine (ESAM6620OB). This fully featured machine lets you brew coffee, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato and latte drinks all from the same unit. The Direct-to-Brew system provides excellent grinding and heat distribution, ensuring you get only the freshest espresso or coffee. The lower-pitch conical burr grinder produces consistent, fresh, and aromatic espresso or coffee to your own liking with an adjustable grind setting. With the double boiler, you'll never have to wait between espresso and steam. The improved stainless steel piped aluminum boiler heats water faster and is durable for years of use.

Among the Gran Dama's many features are an instant reheat function, hot water spout, patented cappuccino system frother, decalcification system, removable water tank (60oz), cup warmer, and a removable used coffee container and drip tray for easy cleaning. An easy-to-use digital control panel features controls for start time, auto shutoff, and the clock, as well as temperature, water hardness, coffee strength, and cup size. A single-touch cappuccino, macchiato and latte system includes a 25-oz milk container, two detachable lids for frothed milk and steamed milk, and an automatic cleaning function.

  • All-in-One Unit:

    This machine handles brewing from start to finish, from the grinding of beans to the froth for your cappuccino or latte

  • Decalcification System:

    An automatic decalcification indicator light alerts you when it's time to clean the machine

  • Instant Reheat:

    The instant reheat function heats the core of the machine, maintaining an ideal temperature for brewing