Deni 4.2 qt. Electric Pressure Cooker
Deni 9740 $85.00
4.2 qt. Electric Pressure Cooker

4.2 qt. Electric Pressure Cooker

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Deni 4.2 qt. Electric Pressure Cooker - Brushed Stainless Steel

This Deni 4.2 qt. Pressure Cooker (9740) combines steam, heat and pressure to cook food up to 70% faster than conventional cooking methods. Although it uses building pressure to quickly approach scorching temperatures, the outer housing and push button controls remain cool to the touch. As the food cooks, the safety lid stays tightly locked, containing the pressure until released through the steam release valve. This model is also equipped with an auto shut-off features that stops pressure from building when it has reach its maximum limit.

The Deni 9740 is equipped with a programmable timer, fully adjustable pressure settings, a cook delay function and six pressure and non-pressure cooking presets. Its compact size allows for preparing entire home cooked meals in confined areas or kitchens with limited counter space, yet its 4.2 qt. capacity is enough to serve six to eight people comfortably.

  • Shorten Cooking Time:

    Though pressure cooking already decreases cooking time by up to 70%, browning meat in the pot before cooking under pressure can cut even more time

  • Cool Touch Features:

    The outer handles, lid and control panel stay cool to the touch while the pressure cooker is on, allowing you to move the pot or adjust the temperature throughout the cooking process

  • Pressure and Non-Pressure Presets:

    This model comes standard with five pre-programmed buttons for high pressure cooking, low pressure cooking, keep warm function (no pressure), steam function (no pressure), brown function (no pressure) and slow cook function (no pressure)

  • Fully Programmable Timer:

    The cook time can be programmed from 1 - 99 minutes and set to be delayed up to 8 hours


  • Model: 9740
    Warranty: 1 year limited
  • Brand: Deni
    Deni Electric Pressure Cooker
  • Brushed stainless steel exterior
    4.2 quart capacity
  • Cool touch lid, handles and control panel
    Decreases cook time by up t 70%
  • Safety locking lid contains pressure while cooking
    Delay timer up to 8 hours
  • Steam release valve quickly releases pressure
    Fully adjustable pressure settings
  • Removable cooking pot
    Six pressure and non-pressure presets
  • Makes up to 8 servings
    Dimensions: 14" H x 12" L x 12" W