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Electric Food Slicer - 8.5 Inch Blade

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Electric Food Slicer - 8.5 Inch Blade

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Deni Electric Food Slicer with 8.5 Inch Blade

Enjoy fresher-than-deli meals at home with this Electric Food Slicer (14250) from Deni. The stainless steel 8.5 inch blade slices through boneless meats, cheeses and breads with precision and ease while the angled platform allows food to fall easily from the blade after being sliced. Save money and wasted meat by buying in bulk and slicing as needed.

With this versatile meat slicer, preparing multiple entrées or various side dishes for dinner is easier than ever. Simply turn the adjustable thickness knob to the left for larger slices or to the right for thinner slices. The sturdy food pusher is designed to grip and hold food in place while slicing for perfectly even, never shredded slices every time. Additional features include a blade speed control setting, a childproof safety function, an extra large platform for hams roasts and blocks of cheese, and a quality plastic serving tray.

This diecast aluminum slicer comes ready to use, no assembly required.

  • Speed Control Setting:

    Set the blade speed to low for fragile foods like bread and soft vegetables; set it to high for tougher foods such as meats and cheeses

  • Easy Cleaning:

    With a retractable platform and removable stainless steel blade, cleaning the slicer is as easy as popping off the blade and cleaning as needed

  • Thickness-Control Dial:

    Located on the back of the unit, the thickness control knob can set to ultra-thin by turning completely clockwise, extra thick (more than 1/2") by turning completely counter clockwise, or somewhere in the middle depending on the task at hand

  • Food Pusher:

    The strong food pusher is ideal for slippery meats and odd-shaped items as it grips and holds them tightly into place while cutting

  • High Quality Motor:

    The powerful 150 watt motor allows for precision and depth control when cutting foods varying in size, shape and consistency. Even cut through deeply frozen foods with ease