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Bemis Whole House Humidifier 11G

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Essick Air

Bemis Whole House Humidifier 11G

Model:ED11 910
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Essick Air Whole House Evaporative Humidifier

Use the Essick Air Whole House Evaporative Humidifier (ED11 910) to provide the desired amount of humidity for your space. This evaporative Humidifier combines state-of-the-art wick humidification with a sleek European design that enhances any room. The ED11 910 comes standard with digital controls, nine fan speeds, an easy top-fill pour-in design and the option to add a 2-Stage AirCare Filter which traps and removes dust, allergens and other particulates. The included casters make this unit easily portable, allowing the ED11 910 to move between rooms wherever its needed most. Make the change for a healthier and more comfortable space and humidify your whole home in style.

  • Easy:

    Use the top fill pour-in design to easily fill the unit's tank, omitting the need to carry the appliance long distances

  • Helpful:

    The ED11 910 will shut down once the set humidity level is achieved, saving energy and costs

  • No white dust:

    The unique Super-Wick absorbs all impurities, minerals and other particles, providing fresh and clean moisture at all times