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Industrial Low Temp Dehumidifier

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Industrial Low Temp Dehumidifier

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Ebac Industrial Low Temp Dehumidifier

Because of Ebac's unique "Hot Gas" defrosting feature, the Ebac (CD100E) will function smoothly in temperatures down to 33F degrees without frost build up. Designed to survive under adverse conditions, this unit will efficiently remove more than ninety seven pints of airborne water vapor per day under standard conditions (80 F, 60%RH), and will exceed 21 gallons per day under the extreme conditions found in problem environments.

The Ebac (CD100E) is a versatile workhorse designed to eliminate high humidity problems in harsh industrial spaces up to 3,000 square feet.

  • Dual usage:

    The CD100E be used on the ground, or with included wall mounting bracket installation kit if needed

  • Long term durability:

    This unit features an epoxy coated, heavy gauge steel chassis, powder coated for durability

  • Ebac's 'Hot Gas' defrosting:

    This feature automatically eliminates frost build-up, providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures

  • Floating compressor:

    The compressor design effectively lowers the unit's vibration and operating volume, and provides protection when transporting