Commercial Dehumidifier with Water Pump

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Ebac Industrial Dehumidifier with Integral Water Pump

The Ebac (CD35P) is a no-nonsense, go-anywhere, portable dehumidifier. Rugged enough for industry shops and storerooms, efficient enough to dry sensitive computer centers or archival storage, attractive enough to serve in a home den, basement or garage, yet reliable enough to withstand the abuse of the rental environment or a steamy locker room. It is a self-contained and automatic unit.

Under the operating conditions of 80° F and 60% relative humidity, the Ebac (CD35P) will remove more than 17 pints of harmful water vapor per day and nearly 6 gallons in severe environments. The Ebac (CD35P) is a durable, self-sufficient performer.

  • Convenient Design:

    This unit features a sturdy carrying handle and wheels for easy mobility, and an extra long power cord

  • Long Term Durability:

    This unit is constructed of heavy duty galvanized steel for durability in taxing work areas

  • Ebac's 'Hot Gas' Defrosting Feature:

    The 'Hot Gas' automatically eliminates frost build-up, providing effective operation at low ambient temperatures

  • Internal Condensate Pump:

    Integral water pump rids excess water from the dehumidifier; also features a water tank with 1.5 gallon capacity


  • Model: CD35P
    Ebac CD35 Dehumidifier
  • Brand: Ebac
    Quick disconnect to reduce setup and dismantling time
  • Effective Range: 3,000 cu. ft.
    Fully enclosed coils
  • Equipped with integrated water pump
    6-foot long power cord
  • Internal adjustable humidistat
    Supplied with 25-foot drainage hose
  • Sturdy carrying handle and wheels for easy mobility
    Refrigerant: R134a
  • Durable powder-coated heavy-duty steel chassis
    Noise Level: 47 dBa
  • "HOT GAS" defrosting feature allows operation at low ambient temperatures
    Air Flow Rate: 170 CFM
  • Facility for permanent drainage with a convenient drain point
    Tank Capacity: Approx. 1.5 gallons
  • Standard 110-volt plugs in anywhere
    Input Voltage: 110 V/60 Hz
  • Whisper-quiet fan
    Power: 350 W/5 A
  • Water tank with “full” indicator lamp
    Weight: 63 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year
    Dimensions: 22" H x 13.5" W x 14" D

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