Low Temp 62 Pint Pool/Spa Dehumidifier

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Ebac WM80 Low Temp Pool/Spa Dehumidifier

There is no quicker, surer and more economical way to reduce moisture in a commercial or residential pool/spa setting than with the Ebac (WM80) and (WM150) low temperature dehumidifiers. This dehumidifier is compact in size, yet has the capacity to handle several room-size areas at a time, removing up to 20 gallons per day in extreme environments.

The affordable and energy efficient Ebac (WM80) dehumidifier is the perfect fit for use in offices, commercial settings, or areas where renovating and restoration is taking place.

  • Commercial design:

    The unit features rubber feet for free standing application, wall mounting option, extra long power cord, and powder coat finish for long term protection

  • High performance features:

    High performance cross-flow fan motor, a hot gas and reverse cycle defrost that allows the dehumidifier to operate at low ambient temperatures

  • Internal Humidistat:

    This unit regulates humidity with no need for adjustment


  • Model: WM80
    Ebac WM80 Dehumidifier
  • Brand: Ebac
    Low amp draw
  • High performance cross-flow fan motor
    Wall mounting option
  • Internal Humidistat
    Drying and defrost indicator lamps
  • Hot Gas Defrost
    Powder coat finish for long term protection
  • Reverse cycle defrost
    Optional internal condensate pump
  • Rubber feet for free standing application
    Extra long power cord
  • Weight: 82.7 lbs.
    Power: 880 W
  • Voltage: 115v
    Noise Level: 57 dba
  • Current: 2.5 A
    Refrigerant: R22
  • Airflow: 360 cfm
    EER: 10.8
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
    BTU/HR: 6,625
  • Warranty: 1 year against defects, 3 years parts for sealed refrigeration components
    19.3" H x 21.8" W x 11.3" D