EdgeStar Silver Ion Filter for the DEP501EW or DEP701EW Dehumidifier  Model:DEP5070IONFILT

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EdgeStar Silver Ion Filter for the DEP501EW or DEP701EW Dehumidifier

Create a cleaner home or room environment with the specially designed silver ion filter. Simply replace the existing pre-filter that comes with the DEP501EW or DEP701EW EdgeStar Dehumidifier with this upgraded anti-bacterial filter and rest easy knowing that your EdgeStar dehumidifier is now providing both efficient moisture removal and helping to clean incoming air.

The silver ion filter kills bacteria in the air and controls the growth of microbes, such as bacteria, virus, fungi and spores by destroying their inner configuration and absorbing the cells elements.

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this is our second one of this brand.last one lasted ten yrs.very happy with it so we bought another one.i ordered a spare filter using the dehumidifier number .when it came it was not the same as the one in the dehumidifier.i sent it back and they took care of it without any hassle.which I appreciated. August 3, 2013
Good idea, bad execution This filter is just like the one that comes with the unit only it doesn't have the top bezel of the standard filter. Without that bezel, the slot where the filter goes is not sealed. Therefore, there is the chance that some of the air being pulled into the unit may not pass over the filter allowing it to get inside the unit without having been filtered. This is the Achilles heel of any home dehumidifier. You CAN'T have unfiltered air getting into the unit as this is what eventually gums them up making them unusable! My solution is to insert the filter and then put a piece of duct tape over the opening to seal it and prevent that from happening. July 16, 2013
Ion Filter. This filter does not fit the unit at all. First, as the one Gent said above, it doesn't seal up top properly at all. Second, it is not wide enough and even if you sealed the top of the filter, unfiltered air would enter the unit around both sides of the filter. Don't waste your money. July 24, 2013
This product is unusable with this dehumidifier. Won't fit, totally worthless July 24, 2013
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