Ultra Compact 8,000 BTU Remanufactured Portable Air Conditioner and Dehumidifier

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EdgeStar 8,000 BTU Ultra Compact Remanufactured Portable Air Conditioner - White

Although small and easy to store, the EdgeStar Ultra Compact 8,000 BTU Remanufactured Portable Air Conditioner (AP8000WREM) can quickly provide cool and refreshing air for up to 250 sq. ft. for less than a $1 a day.

  • Low Cost Operation:

    With noticeably low power consumption rates, you can run this unit continuously for about 95¢ a day

  • Quiet Operation:

    With a low operating noise level, 49 dB to be exact, you can place this unit in any room, even your bedroom, without fear of disruption

  • Dehumidify Only Mode:

    Humidity can be just as much of a hassle as heat, so let the Dehumidify Only function with a 71 pints per day capacity make quick work of humid spaces

  • Self-Evaporative System:

    Equipped with an auto-drain system that exhausts all condensate, the need to manually drain water from the unit is eliminated**

  • Three (3) Speed Fan:

    Find your perfect setting and control noise and air output by choosing a high, medium, or low fan setting

  • Energy Saving Programmable Features:

    Cut costs by setting the unit to run only when you need it, and have it efficiently cool your space before you even get there using the 24 hour programmable timer-- The timer allows you to set the unit to cycle on automatically, or once it is on, you can set it to automatically turn off

  • Intelligent Auto Restart:

    This unit’s auto restart function stores your settings, so that in case of a power outtage, it will pick right back up where it left off when power is regained

  • Easy-to-Use Window Kit:

    Venting your portable air conditioner is a simple three step process, and your purchase includes all the necessary materials-- Simply connect the vent hose to the back of the unit, remove the cap from the window vent kit and connect it to the exhaust hose

  • Eco-Friendly:

    Designed to be environmentally friendly, this portable air conditioner uses no ozone-damaging CFC-free refrigerants

  • Year-Round Versatility:

    The direct drain option and dehumidifying function make the AP8000W a formidable option for using every day of the year.

  • Includes Everything You Need:

    This compact EdgeStar portable AC comes with a remote control, window kit, casters, and filters to cool things down out of the box.

Portable Air Conditioner Product Rating*:

  Quick Spec Guide - EdgeStar AP8000W Portable Air Conditioner
  Ratings   Power & Noise   Primary Features
  Cooling Power
  - BTU: 8000
- Recommended Room Size: Up To 250 sq. ft.
- Thermostat Settings: 61°F - 89°F
- Decibel Rating: Lower Noise (Than others in class)
- Energy Requirements: 115 Volts/60 Hz;7.9A;840W
  - Control Type: Electronic with remote
- Condensate: All Exhausted**
- Hose Type: Single
- Exhaust Hose Size: 5" W x 49" L***
- Window Kit Min/Max: 20" - 55"

* This portable air conditioner has achieved our four (4) star product rating based on independent testing of its BTU class, cooling capacity, durability, and quality of components.

** In high-humidity environments, water accumulation may occur. This unit is equipped with a direct drain option for continuous use in these environments.

*** All portable air conditioners require that the exhaust hose be vented outside of the room you are trying to cool.
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