EdgeStar Server Room 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner - Silver  Model:AP14009COM


  • Height: 32.7"
  • Width: 20.1"
  • Depth: 16.75"
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    EdgeStar Server Room 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner - Silver
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    Description & Highlights

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    EdgeStar Server Room 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner - Silver

    Great for overheated server and computer rooms or larger spaces in need of powerful cooling, the EdgeStar Server Room 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner (AP14009COM) is one of the most powerful Portable ACs on the market. With an impressive 14,000 BTUs and a Dual Hose design, you can expect this unit to quickly and easily cool up to 525 sq. ft. of space.

    • Continuous Cooling:

      Due to the self-evaporative design, you can leave the unit running overnight without having to worry about emptying water condensate

    • Dual Hose Design:

      Separate intake and exhaust hoses allow for more air intake, more cooling power, and a more stable air pressure, which all contribute to a 40% faster cooling rate than similar single-hosed units (this unit can be used as a single hose unit, as well)

    • Energy Efficiency Ratio:

      This portable air conditioner has an impressively high 11.2 EER, meaning that it consumes significantly less energy than others in its class

    • Standby Mode:

      Despite producing high levels of cooling power, the highly-efficient control board enables it to have a low power usage rate when in standby mode-- When operational, it still only costs a little more than a dollar to run all day

    • Energy Saving Programmable Features:

      Cut costs by setting the unit to run only when you need it, and have it efficiently cool your space before you even get there using the 24 hour programmable timer-- The timer allows you to set the unit to cycle on automatically, or once it is on, you can set it to automatically turn off

    • Intelligent Auto Restart:

      This unit’s auto restart function stores your settings, so that in case of a power outage, it will pick right back up where it left off when power is regained

    • Three (3) Speed Fan:

      Find your perfect setting and control noise and air output by choosing a high, medium, or low fan setting

    • Easy-to-Use Window Kit:

      Venting your portable air conditioner is a simple three step process, and your purchase includes all the necessary materials-- Simply connect the vent hoses to the back of the unit, remove the caps from the window vent kit and connect it to the exhaust hoses (If using in a server room or office with no windows, we recommend using a drop ceiling vent kit, which is sold separately)

    • Eco-Friendly:

      Designed to be an environmentally friendly product, this portable air conditioner uses non ozone-depleting CFC-free refrigerants and is made of all RoHS compliant components that are free of harmful chemicals

    • Superior Reliability:

      Due to durable construction and design, this portable air conditioner is built to withstand light commercial use

    • Advance Replacement Warranty:

      Because of the important applications of this portable air conditioner, EdgeStar backs this unit with a 1 Year Advance Replacement Warranty-- this means that should your unit stop working, they will ship you a new unit immediately, allowing you to then use that packaging to ship back the non-working product

    Learn from the Experts: Comparing Dual vs Single Hose Portable A/C's

    Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners
    MAXIMUM EFFECTIVENESS - The room is cooled up to 40% faster and more efficiently.

    - There is no pressure lost within the room because all indoor air is cooled and ventilated.

    - The second hose allows outdoor air to be brought in to cool the unit during operation.
    Single Hose Portable Air Conditioners
      - Some internal air is exhausted through the window and causes the room to lose air pressure.

    - Warmer air from adjacent areas (under doorways & other unsealed areas) enters the room to equalize air pressure. Because of this, it takes more energy and time to cool down a room.

    Portable Air Conditioner Product Rating*:

      Quick Spec Guide - EdgeStar AP14009COM Portable Air Conditioner
      Ratings   Power & Noise   Primary Features
      Cooling Power
      - BTU: 14,000
    - Recommended Room Size: 100-525 sq. ft.
    - Thermostat Settings: 61°F - 89°F
    - Decibel Rating: Medium Noise
    - Energy Requirements: 115 V/60 Hz, 10.8A, 1250W
      - Energy Efficiency Ratio: 11.2
    - Condensate: All Exhausted**
    - Hose Type: Dual
    - Exhaust Hose Size: 5"width x 49"length***
    - Window Kit Min/Max: 20" - 38"

    * This portable air conditioner has achieved our 4.5 star product rating based on independent testing of its BTU class cooling capacity, durability, and quality of components.
    ** In high humidity environments there may be some water accumulation. This unit is equipped with a direct drain option for continuous use in this type of environment.
    *** All portable air conditioners require that the exhaust hose be vented outside of the room you are trying to cool.

    Specifications & Manuals

    • Model: AP14009COM
    • Brand: EdgeStar
    • Cools rooms from 100-525 sq. ft.
    • Patented auto-drain system
    • Exhausts most or all condensate automatically
    • Fully functional remote control
    • Temperatures: 61 - 89°F
    • Three (3) speed fan
    • Directional air louvers
    • RoHS compliant
    • Dehumidification: up to 86 pints/day
    • 38" max window kit
    • 49" extendable exhaust hose included
    • Single/dual hose convertible
    • Warranty: 1 year advance replacement
    • EdgeStar Server Cool 14,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
    • Auto-restart function
    • Direct drain option
    • 24 hour programmable timer
    • Washable pre filter
    • One (1) replaceable carbon filter included
    • Easy grip handles
    • Casters for mobility
    • EER: 11.2
    • Noise level: 51 dB (low), 52 dB (high)
    • Input voltage: 115 V/60 Hz
    • Power: 1250 W/10.8 A
    • Weight: 77 lbs
    • Dimensions: 32.7" H x 20.1" W x 16.75" D

    Owners Manuals:

    You may download a product owner's manual below:

    **Please note, Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view pdf files

    Customer Reviews

    Overall Rating: Write a Review
    EdgeStar Server Room 14,000 BTU Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner 4.5 5 18 23
    worked great We have a south facing chalet style 2nd home with lots of windows in the front. The open concept great room is approx. 20x20 with an adjoining kitchen and entry of about 175sq ft. We had quests on the 4th 0f July week which was very hot and humid. Everyone stayed comfortable, with the units' built-in fan and overhead fans to circulate the cool air.Love it that I don't have to lug a huge AC around every season, and since this unit seems to do the trick, it is much cheaper than central. July 15, 2013
    Greatest Product - Thank you! Wow - what a difference! It is wonderful! Does a great Job! Thank you House is an "open" floor plan so wasn't sure it would work... But you really cooled every room! About 10,000 square foot up stairs. Thank you for such a wonderful product. Was very surprised the delivery system was very poor... box was not in tack! Please figure out how to secure the box better. Shipping was unacceptable! Your product still made it in one piece! And it works! Product is wonderful!!!! Thank you. September 12, 2012
    Critical Need Fulfilled ! We were desperate to have these units in place before a major repair of our current system stopped all productivity. The units arrived and were in place in record time. They are the "lifesavers" we needed. Thank you so much. June 26, 2012
    Works better than expected 24x7x365 What I needed was a server room unit to cool a home office 24x7x365 where a firewall, multiple managed switches, multiple 1U-sized servers, a massive 3U-sized RAID unit and a fiber channel switch in a 12U rack along with multiple heavy-duty 2200VA UPS units plus multiple tower workstations were located. The built-in window unit in the home office was overwhelmed in summer and just could not be used in winter. Finding this unit online, I wasn't expecting much but it was advertised as being able to handle 24x7x365 operation (most portable units can't handle this amount of use, let alone reach the required temperature--I've a had some of those fail which I just had to throw out) and it was relatively inexpensive. So I took a chance. Anyway, that was October 2009 when I bought it and it has performed superbly and continues to do so as I write this review in May 2012. I've been running it mostly continuously since the day I bought it except for the odd 15 minute to 1 hour downtimes every quarter when I manually shut it down to clean out the filters and vacuum the dust bunnies out of the internal heat exchange vanes. It cools a 150 square foot home office down to 70 degrees that without it, would reach 95 degrees easy even in the middle of winter when it's below freezing outside and with the windows open. I ordered the extra ceiling vent unit to vent the unit out an air duct and installation was a snap. Cleaning the removable air filter is also a breeze. And maybe it's just the dry air in New York, NY, but I've never had to empty out the condensate tank (it has always been empty or has never filled up to the point where the automatic cutoff activates before evaporating by itself, not even during hot and humid summers). My only quibbles are: 1. That the internal heat exchanger vanes are so hard to reach (they tend to clog up with dust bunnies and there's no easy way to open the casing). I had to get a narrow tube attachment to my vacuum cleaner to be able to clean them out to my satisfaction. 2. It's a bit noisy at a muted, low roar. But one can conduct a telephone conversation and watch a movie without it being too much of a strain on the ears. I was so impressed with it that I got a client to install two of them along with ceiling vent kits for insanely hot internal network closets at their offices. They lowered the furnace-like 110 degree temperatures to 72 degrees overnight (I measured the before and after temperatures), saving all their very expensive (> $150,000 worth) networking equipment in there which was laboring under the intense heat load. I cannot praise these units enough and I'm very difficult to please. These units truly work as advertised (a rare thing in this day and age when hype usually trumps reality). May 15, 2012
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