Edgestar Hose Turtle Neck Accessory

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Edgestar Hose Turtle Neck Accessory

When in use, a portable air conditioner’s vent hose can become very hot and radiates much of this heat back into the room. Typically, manufacturers advises customers to both shorten and straighten out the exhaust hose in this situation, however, if this is not possible or not helpful, the next recommendation is to insulate the hose. We are now offering the APTN1 which is a 5’ length of 6 inch inner diameter insulated flex duct with a insulation value of R4.2, which ensures that exhaust heat will not compromise the effectiveness of your portable air conditioner.


  • Manufacturer: Edgstar
    Preserves efficacy of PAC cooling
  • Model: APTN1
    Standard exhause hose length: 5' long
  • Insulates your portable AC's exhaust hose  
    Insulation value: R4.2