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Electric Wine Opener

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Electric Wine Opener

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Epicureanist Electric Wine Opener - Black

Open your wine bottles with ease using the Epicureanist Electric Wine Opener (EP-CORKEL3). This sleek, modern-looking wine opener allows you to open wine bottles without having to tug and pull stubborn corks out. The simple switch control makes it easy: just place the unit over the cork and press the button, and when the cork is finished being retrieved, it will automatically pull the cork out of the bottle. It's that easy!

Including a stand for secure placement and recharging, this unit would be a perfect addition to any kitchen or wine cellar. This opener is easily portable so you can take it anywhere its needed, and because it charges for up to 8 hours, you won't have to worry about it not being ready to go. Including a foil cutter to remove the barrier between you and the cork, this unit has everything you need to enjoy a fresh bottle of wine.

  • Sleek Style:

    The modern-looking style of the wine opener makes it aesthetically-pleasing anywhere it is

  • Portable:

    Take the opener to any place that needs an opened bottle of wine

  • Rechargable:

    The stand charges the opener for up to 8 hours of operating time