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Ninja Master Prep Mixer

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Ninja Master Prep Mixer

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Europro Ninja Master Prep Mixer - White

Mix drinks and prep food for meals with the Europro Ninja Master Prep Mixer (QB900B). This blender and food processor features a 48 ounce pitcher that allows you to mix enough food and drinks to serve an entire group of your friends or family, which is great for those large households. The quad blade technology featured in this mixer will ensure that the foods mixed in will be chopped and sliced thoroughly, so you won't have to worry about running the mixer again to get everything done.

The 2 cup processor bowl included with the mixer will help to make your tasks go by even faster, allowing you to free up your mixer with even more room to mix foods and drinks. The interchangeable pulser allows you to remove it from one bowl to the other, giving you a versatility that many other mixers cannot do. Each bowl comes with its own storage lid to give you an easy way to store your processed and mixed foods. Perfect for any household kitchen, this mixer will help you more in the kitchen than you can even imagine.

  • Interchangeable Pulser:

    The removable pulsing mechanism allows you to pulse and mix foods in other pitchers and bowls for easy flexibility

  • Quad Blade Technology:

    Making it easy to chop foods up, the quad blade technology helps it chop quicker

  • Accessory Bowl:

    The extra 2 cup processor bowl allows you to hold processed foods while the mixer is busy mixing other concoctions