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Ninja Pro Blender

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Ninja Pro Blender

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Europro Ninja Pro Blender - Black/Silver

Ensure that your foods and drinks are blended, pureed, chopped, and diced to perfection when you use the Europro Ninja Pro Blender (NJ600). With six blade technology, this blender works to perfection to mix foods and drinks together for delicious smoothies, homemade salsas, and perfectly-crafted sauces. The pulse function allows you to blend smoothly so you don't have to constantly watch the blender and stop it to move unblended chunks around, which can be a major hassle if you have other things you could be doing.

With an oversized 72 oz. pitcher, this blender is perfect for making food and drinks for a large amount of people, and you won't need to worry about overstuffing the blender to get the job done. The comfort grip handle also makes it easy to carry the blender pitcher around, so your hand can feel the relief and comfort without the strain and stress. This blender is also easy to clean, as the pitcher and accessories are dishwasher safe, leaving you more time instead of having to scrub and wash the dishes by hand. Perfect for any household kitchen, this blender will be your aide in creating great meals.

  • Quantity:

    A 72 ounce pitcher allows you to easily fit a large amount of food into the blender

  • Easy Cutting:

    Six blade technology ensures that any food or drink that you put into the blender will be thoroughly cut and blended to perfection

  • Dishwasher Safe:

    This easy-to-clean blender is dishwasher safe, so you won't waste time scrubbing and rinsing by hand