Washer/Dryer Combo - 1.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity Silver

List Price: $1,373.75

Fagor Washer/Dryer Combo - 1.8 Cu. Ft. Capacity Silver

For the ultimate 2-in-1 laundry solution, choose the Fagor Washer-Dryer Combination (FAS-3612X). These ventless combo units are space-savers with two appliances in one. Their compact size and front loading makes the Fagor Washer-Dryer Combo perfect for apartments and anywhere space is at a premium. It's easy and convenient to use with an informative LCD screen, 180° door opening, and a delayed start time of up to 24 hours. Programmable spin speed regulation allows you to adjust from 400-1200 rpm. 16 wash programs including quick wash and hygienizer cycles give you the flexibility to tackle every task.

An Advanced Balance System controls weight distribution electronically, considerably reducing noise and vibrations and providing superior performance. The Anti-Crease Reversing System helps prevent wrinkles and dries clothes more efficiently by creating an intermittent rotation of the stainless steel drum in both directions.

  • Interactive LCD:

    The LCD screen provides constant information about the wash cycle, including time remaining

  • Variable Spin:

    Adjust the speed of spin from 400-1200 rpm for maximum control of the wash cycle

  • 180° Door Opening:

    Loading and unloading this unit is easy - the door hinges all the way open for unobstructed access


  • Model: FAS-3612X
    Fagor Washer/Dryer Combo - 13 LB Capacity Silver
  • Brand: Fagor
    16 Wash and Dry Programs
  • Maximum Spin Speed: 1200 rpm
    Anti-Overflow Safety
  • Washing Capacity: 1.8 Cu. Ft.
    Balance Control
  • Regular Clothes Drying Capacity: 9 lbs
    Suds Control
  • Electronic Variable Load
    Single Knob Operation
  • Advanced Balance System
    Wash/Dry Progress Indicator
  • Anti-crease Reversing System
    Countdown Indicator
  • Stainless Steel Drum
    24 Hour Start Delay
  • 180° Door Opening
    No Spin Option
  • Electronic LCD Screen
    220-240 V / 60 Hz / 10 A
  • Single Water Inlet
    Hatch Diameter: 13.5"
  • Ventless Operation
    Dimensions: 33.5" H x 23.25" W x 23.25" D
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

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