Fisher & Paykel DD36STI2 $1,049.00

Wide DishDrawer Energy Star Dishwasher


Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

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Fisher & Paykel

Wide DishDrawer Energy Star Dishwasher

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

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Fisher & Paykel Wide DishDrawer Energy Star Dishwasher - DD36ST

Wash your dishes in the highest in dishwasher technology with the Fisher & Paykel Wide DishDrawer Energy Star Dishwasher (DD36STI2, DD36SDFTX2). Fisher & Paykel utilizes over a decade of dishwasher manufacturing to design this feature packed dishwasher to be the most user friendly and high performing dishwasher out there. Like all of their dishdrawer series dishwashers, this dishwasher is built with industry leading ergonomics that are simply unmatched by other dishwashers. Built to be large enough to hold 12 7/8 regular sized plates, this dishwasher is large enough to clean up after you, your family, and even some of your friends. To go along with this large size are nine (9) choices for wash programs including fast, fast eco, delicate, delicate eco, heavy, heavy eco, normal, normal eco, and rinse.

The programs are controlled by primary and secondary control panels that are single touch design for simple and easy adjustment of your dishwasher settings. To go along with these control panels is a display that shows you wash progress and time remaining in your cycle, so you know exactly what your dishwasher is doing, and how much time before your dishes are clean. Fisher & Paykel truly thought about functionality and user interface when designing this dishwasher as they included features such as fully adjustable racks with folding tines, which make fitting in even the most odd shaped pots pans, or even long stemmed wine glasses easier than ever. Other intuitive features include end of cycle beeps, self diagnoistics for servicing, rinse aid indicator light, three (3) stage flood protection, and intelligent load sensing. Overall this dishwasher is packed with features designed to make your dishwashing experience intuitive and as convenient as possible, couple all of these with the fact that this dishwasher is energy star rated and consumed under 3.5 gallons of water per cycle and you have the perfect dishwasher.

  • Nine (9) Wash Modes:

    Choose between nine (9) different wash modes to conveniently meet your specific washing needs

  • Adjustable Racking System:

    Fit odd shaped pots, pans, and plates easier then ever with this unique adjustable racking system with folding tines

  • Energy Star Rated:

    This dishwasher is extremely energy efficient with its energy star rating and using only 3.5 gallons of water per cycle