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Oscillating Heater Fan with 1 Touch Electronic Thermostat

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Oscillating Heater Fan with 1 Touch Electronic Thermostat - Open Box

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Holmes Oscillating Heater Fan with 1 Touch Electronic Thermostat - Grey

Create the optimal warming temperature for you and your family when you use the Holmes Oscillating Heater Fan with 1 Touch Electronic Thermostat (HFH5606-UMOB). This compact heater is a perfect companion to any room, as the small design of the tower heater allows it to be set and stowed anywhere. As a 2-in-1 heater and fan, this versatile unit allows you to disperse warm air throughout the room with the fan, while the heater radiates warmth whenever you are near it.

Three (3) heat settings allow you to choose how hot you want your air and heat, which is great for different people with discerning tastes for the optimal temperature. A one-touch electric thermostat enables you to choose the output temperature of the unit, while the oscillation mode ensures that the heater evenly distributes heat throughout the room. Along with the light weight of the heating unit, the rear carrying handle allows you to take this tower heater from room to room with ease. Perfect for any situation in which heating is needed, this tower heater will be a perfect addition to any home.

  • Versatility:

    This heater can provide both fan-forced heating and radiant heating to give you the best range and temperature for anyone in the room

  • Oscillation Mode:

    An oscillation mode allows this heater to evenly distribute the air throughout the room for maximum comfort

  • Portability:

    As a lightweight, compact unit, this heater also features a rear carrying case that allows you to carry it from room to room