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Outdoor Misting Fan - Open Box

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This "Open Box" product is in excellent condition. Each unit is a fully functional return item with little or no cosmetic blemishes. The product has been tested for quality assurance and is certified "Open Box". All "Open Box" units include a 90 day parts & labor warranty through the original manufacturer and are not eligible for a “buyer’s remorse” return. *Note – units manufactured by Danby do not include the original manufacturer’s warranty. Please review our main “returns & refunds” page for full details.

Holmes Outdoor Misting Fan - Black

Stay cool even in the outdoors when you use the Holmes Outdoor Misting Fan (HPF1010A-NMOB). This powerful fan is perfect for use outdoors, meaning you can stay cool even during the most brutal summer months. A wide coverage area means that this fan can cool large patio areas during BBQs, picnics, and outdoor events, while the weather-resistant coating ensures the fan won't break down due to extreme heat, rain, or any other weather-related event.

This fan can hook up to a garden hose faucet to create a light mist that will keep you and your guests cool and refreshed even during extremely hot days. The high power motor even ensures that the mist will be carried a long way to cool down a wider area, while the UL certified fan is perfect for extended use anywhere you need it. Ideal for any outdoor application, this misting fan will keep your guests comfortable at your home when you hold an event outdoors.

  • Powerful Cooling:

    The powerful fan motor and wide blades ensure that the fan-forced air can travel a longer distance than other fans

  • Misting Attachment:

    A misting attachment allows this fan to be hooked up to a garden hose faucet to spray light mist, keeping you and your guests cooler for longer

  • Wide Coverage:

    This fan has a wide coverage area, meaning you get the best cooling offered for you and your family