Radiant Tower Heater

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Honeywell Energy Efficient Radiant Tower Heater

The Honeywell HZ930 Radiant Tower Heater provides instant and intense sun-like heat and uses 40% less less energy than conventional heaters. Its radiant carbon technology directly heats people or objects rather than the air. The penetrating infrared waves will heat you warmer and longer than conventional heaters and will not dry out the air. This proven technology is silent and the unit oscillates, making it perfect for the living area - or the garage.

Other features of the Honeywell HZ930 Radiant Tower Heater include SafeGuard(TM) alert badge that monitors the grill and warns when it is hot, tip over switch that disables the unit in the event that it is tipped over, a 3-prong grounded plug and heavy duty power cord and overheat protection.
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