ILVE A48401 $199.00

Wooden Chopping Board

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Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.


Wooden Chopping Board

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

Discontinued Product

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ILVE Wooden Chopping Board

Add extra preparation space to your kitchen cooking area with the ILVE Wooden Chopping Board (A48401). This unique chopping block fits directly into the Tepanyaki fry Plate on your ILVE range, to give you a solid easy place to chop up your favorite ingredients before moving them to a pan or pot to cook. The board fits seamlessly into the frying plate area so you wont have to worry about the board slipping or moving while your chop, cut, dice and prepare your ingredients.

Made out of solid wood construction, the board is incredibly durable and has a nice solid feel to it unlike many similar hollow alternatives that deteriorate quickly over time and can add to high replacement costs. Adding this extra preparation space to your range allows you to spend more time putting together your favorite ingredients and less time moving back and forth from your range to a countertop or other area to do any cutting or last minute critiques of your food.

  • Solid Wood Construction:

    This chopping block is made from solid wood for a sturdy and durable platform for slicing your favorite ingredients

  • Works With ILVE's Tepanyaki Plate:

    The chopping board fits directly onto Ilve's Tepanyaki Plate for easy and seamless inegregration

  • Adds Extra Preparation Space:

    Adding this block gives you a convenient and sturdy area in the center of your cooking range to prepare your favorite foods