Chemisorber GC Air Cleaner

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IQAir Chemisorber GC Air Cleaner

The IQAir GC Chemisorber (model: 1CBUB0HGB) features Advanced air cleaning device for control of formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and particulates.
Applications. It is compact and customized for specific gaseous contaminants and odors. Just like a professional gas mask, IQAir maximizes filter efficiency for different gases and odors by offering the right filter cartridge. And while gas and odor control is a particular strength of these systems, the IQAir GC Series also offers excellent filtration efficiency for particles.

The IQAir GC Chemisorber is designed for control of the following: Acetaldehyde, Acetylene, Arsine, Carbon dioxide, Ethylene, Formaldehyde, Hydrazine, Hydrogen cyanide, Hydrogen sulfide, Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen dioxide, Phosphine, Silane, Sulfur dioxide

IQAir has partnered with the American Lung Association in an educational campaign designed to generate awareness and educate the public about effective measures to improve indoor air quality.
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  • IQAir MultiGas GC
    Maximum Coverage Area 900 sq ft (based on maximum fan speed and an 8.5 ft ceiling)
  • 6 Selectable Fan Speeds
    3 Filter Stages (particle pre-filtration, gas absorption and particle post-filtration)
  • System Efficiency for Particles is 99% or more at 0.3 microns and 95 for smaller particles
    Light Gray/Blue
  • Comes with 1 HEPA-type pre-filter, 4 gas cartridges and 4 post-filter sleeves
    Air outlet via diffuser at top of unit
  • Air Intake at two side openings at base of unit
    Displays in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish
  • Liquid crystal main display
    Weight: 51 pounds
  • Remote Control
    Input voltage: 120 V/60 Hz
  • Unit is on wheels
    Dimensions: 28"h x 15"w x 16"d
  • Warranty: 5 yr on unit including fan motor, excluding filters