Ice Maker Accessory Kit w/ Pump

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Ice Maker Accessory Kit w/ Pump

Our accessory kit comes with everything you'll need to get your new ice maker set up and ready to go, including an AquaPure in-line filter kit (AP717), an extra reinforced water line (PBCC120-44) in order to hook the filter to the machine, tablets to prevent scale build up and odors in the drain pan (PT161), and a pump (VCMA15UL) for being able to send the drain water elsewhere.

By purchasing these as a kit, you save over $30 up front, and you'll have cleaner, better tasting ice as well as the assurance that you'll get more life out of your ice machine.


  • Save over $30 by purchasing these as a kit.
    Ships with the following products: AP717, PT161, PBCC120-44, and the VCMA15UL