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Johnson Level BIG J® Magnetic Level

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Johnson Level BIG J® Magnetic Level - Available in 24", 48" and 78" Lengths

From Johnson Level, the Big J® Magnetic Level (1501-2400, 1501-4800, 1501-7800) is great for both personal and professional use. The over-sized ½" diameter vials, unique SurroundView® system and top-read windows all combine for enhanced viewing and maximum readability. For added convenience, this level also features GripTight® rare earth magnets with superior holding power, offering hands-free use on ferrous metal surfaces.

Available in 24-inch, 48-inch and 78-inch lengths, this level is built to last in any construction environment. Its heavy-duty solid aluminum frame is JobSite Tough&trade, yet lightweight thanks to the sleek, cut-out design. The machine working edges assure maximum accuracy while the anti-slip/anti-shock end caps protect the frame from damage.

  • I-Beam Construction:

    The heavy duty aluminum I-beam frame provides the rigidity needed for accurate leveling, yet remains lightweight for easy portability

  • Maximum Readability:

    Equipped with over-sized vials, top-read windows and SurroundView® system for enhanced viewing

  • Hands-Free Use:

    With superior holding power, the powerful GripTight® rare earth magnets allow for hands-free use on ferrous metal surfaces


  • Models: 1501-2400, 1501-4800, 1501-7800
    Johnson Level BIG J® Magnetic Level
  • Brand: Johnson Level & Tool
    Machine working edges assure accuracy
  • 1500 BIG J® Series
    Over-sized ½" diameter vials
  • Heavy-duty I-beam aluminum frame
    Top-view windows
  • GripTight® rare earth magnets
    SurroundView® vial system
  • Hands-free use on ferrous metal surfaces
    Shipping weight: 1.3 lbs (24"), 3.0 lbs (48"), 5.3 lbs (78")
  • Anti-slip/anti-shock rubber end caps
    Sizes: 24", 48", 78"