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Electric Corkscrew

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Electric Corkscrew

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Kalorik Electric Corkscrew - Silver

Open your wines with ease when you use the Kalorik Electric Corkscrew (CKS36812). Able to open any wine bottle with ease, this corkscrew can also provide you and your guests entertainment when you watch it remove the cork. The soft blue lighting on the opener adds to the overall presentation, and keeps your kitchen or wine cellar lit up so you can see your way around at night. Stainless steel housing gives this wine opener a modern look and feel, and can add to the style or motif of any kitchen, wine cellar, or other room.

Complete with a recharging base that charges the corkscrew up to 8 hours, the unit can uncork up to 30 wine bottles in one full charge, giving you multiple uses without having to put the machine back onto the charging stand. Able to open bottles in just seven (7) seconds, your guests won't have to wait for a long time to be served fresh, robust wines from your personal collection. This battery-powered wine opener is perfect for the amateur and professional collector, and anyone who loves to have some wine now and then.

  • Rechargeable:

    This corkscrew can recharge for up to 8 hours, and can open up to 30 traditional wine bottles in one full charge

  • Sleek Design:

    Stainless steel housing adds to the presentation of the unit and allows it to blend in with other kitchen appliances

  • Lighting:

    The soft blue lighting that emits from the wine opener creates a lighting effect that makes it look great