Stainless Rotisserie

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Kalorik Stainless Steel Vertical Rotisserie

Enjoy tender, juicy meat with the Kalorik Stainless Rotisserie (DGR31031). This top of the line rotisserie roasts food from the inside out and outside in, rotating heat around and through the food, so the meat is practically falling off the bone by the time it's ready.

The DGR31031's electronic controlled cycles cook the food evenly without ever browning your dinner, and its poultry and meat settings automatically adjust the heat for optimal results. Plus, unlike other rotisseries that can take hours on end, this one is speedy, cutting your cooking time nearly in half! And with its ability to hold up to a 10 lb chicken, poultry, turkey, roast beef, ham, lamb or pork roast, the Kalorik Stainless Rotisserie makes for a great cooking tool when entertaining guests.

  • Cook Multiple Things At Once:

    Comes with tower and six (6) skewers

  • Easy Cooking, Easy Cleaning:

    Has a non-stick inner pot

  • Time On Your Side:

    Built-in 99-minute digital timer with auto-off function


  • Model: DGR31031
    Stainless Rotisserie
  • Brand: Kalorik
    Twice as fast as traditional rotisseries
  • Roasts from the inside out
    Center heating element
  • Holds up to 10 lbs
    99-minute digital timer with auto-off function
  • Special poultry and meat settings
    Input voltage: 120V
  • Includes tower and six (6) skewers
    4 ft. power cord
  • Dishwasher safe drip tray lid
    Power: 1420W
  • Warranty:1 year limited
    Dimensions: 13-3/4" H, 15" Diameter