Kenyon Silken Two Burner
Kenyon B801X $1,519.00
Silken Two Burner

Silken Two Burner

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Kenyon Silken Two Burner - Black

Cook some delicious meals and great concoctions with the Kenyon Silken Two Burner (B80101, B80105). This induction cooktop features high temperature cooking grade silicone mats, as well as a patent pending recess under each mat to keep the mats - and the pots and pans - from sliding or spilling over, making it safer for you to cook.

In addition to the non-slip cooking mats, the on and hot indicator lights let you know when the cooktop burners are powered on and when they are scalding hot, allowing you to avoid an accident. The touch controls make it easier for you to cook like a pro, while the GFCI power cord gives the unit ultimate protection from power outages and surges. Perfect for small and large kitchens, amateur or professional cooks, and anyone or anything in between, this cooktop will make a great addition to your kitchen.

  • Safety:

    Numerous safety features allow this unit to be user-friendly and safe to operate

  • Compact:

    As a small cooktop, this unit can be placed in any small or mid-sized area in the kitchen

  • Simple:

    The easy-to-use touch controls make it simple to operate this unit


  • Model: B801X
    Kenyon Silken Two Burner
  • Brand: Kenyon
    Modern, high temperature silicone
  • Induction cooktop technology
    High temperature cooking grade silicone mats
  • On/hot indicator lights
    Recessed induction cooktop
  • Textured surface for better grip
    Input voltage: 220 V/60 Hz
  • Touch controls
    Power: 16 A/2200 W
  • Easy clean up
    Weight: 23 lbs
  • GFCI power cord
    Unit Dimensions: 23.5" H x 3.5" W x 14.5" D
  • Made in: USA
    Cutout Dimensions: 22.75" W x 12.25" D
  • Warranty: 3 years