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Texan Built In 220V Grill

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Texan Built In 220V Grill

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Kenyon Texan Built In 220V Grill - Stainless Steel

Cook delicious food in the great outdoors with the Kenyon Texan Built In 220V Grill (B70400). This dual burner grill allows you to be able to cook some foods at high temperatures while also cooking others at a low temperature, and the independent heat control allows you to be able to cook an entire meal on the grill. The 310 square inch grilling surface enables you to cook large meals, which makes it perfect for entertaining guests or throwing a barbecue in your backyard.

Able to preheat in seven (7) minutes or less, this grill's cooking grate temperature can exceed 500 degrees F for searing steaks to that perfect temperature. The concealed heating element eliminates flare-ups, which keeps the cook and anyone around the grill safe, and with the automatic 60-90 minute shut off, you can be sure that your grill won't break if it is accidentally left on. Cleaning is also a breeze with this unit as the non-stick grilling surface is dishwasher safe, and the 304 stainless steel construction helps to keep the unit weather resistant and rust-proof.

  • Large Surface:

    At 310 square inches, this cooking surface can hold a large amount of food

  • Dual Grills:

    The dual grills on this unit allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures, as well as a whole meal

  • Safe:

    Safety features like the concealed element and auto shut off help to keep the grill fun and safe to enjoy