Keurig My K-Cup
Keurig 05048 $19.99
My K-Cup

My K-Cup

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Keurig My K-Cup

The Keurig My K-Cup (05048) makes brewing coffee with your Keurig brewing station even more customizable. The K-cup filter allows you to brew any coffee blend of your choosing, and as it is reusable it saves you money and cuts down on waste. The filter basket comes with a filter holder and lid for easy storage. You'll love your Keurig brewing station even more with the My K-cup.

  • Reusable Filter:

    Cut down on waste by reusing the My K-Cup for your morning cup of coffee

  • Your Choice:

    The My K-Cup allows you to brew any kind of coffee grounds in your Keurig brewing station

  • Compatibility:

    My K-Cup can be used with any model of Keurig's line of home coffeemakers


  • Model: 05048
    Keurig My K-Cup
  • Brand: Keurig
  • Filter basket
    Compatible with all Keurig home model coffeemakers
  • Holder and lid included