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Deluxe Mini Kegerator for Non-Pressurized Kegs

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Deluxe Mini Kegerator for Non-Pressurized Kegs - Open Box

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Koldfront Deluxe Mini Kegerator for Non-Pressurized Kegs - Stainless Steel and Black

Serve up your favorite refreshing draft beer from a mini keg using the Koldfront Deluxe Mini Kegerator for Non-Pressurized Kegs (KBC51SS). This kegerator is an advanced beer dispensing system that uses DraughtKeg™ carbonator pressure technology to deliver a pub-quality pour of beer every time, and is designed for non-pressurized kegs only. The LED temperature display shows the real temperature of the keg, so you can make sure the internal temperature is just right before serving. The cold plate of the peltier thermoelectric cooling system runs from the bottom of the unit, up the back of the kegerator for superior cooling.

The mini kegerator features electronic temperature controls that preserve the mini keg at your preferred temperature for drinking between 36 and 50º F. The compact size, lightweight construction, and superior cooling abilities make the Koldfront KBC51SS kegerator perfect for the active beer connoisseur. The included cleaning kit allows you to keep the beer dispenser free from stains, smudges, and other debris. Perfect for any type of beer lover, this mini kegerator will be a hit with your friends, guests, and family.

  • Electronic Temperature Controls:

    Set your desired temperature with the electronic controls and keep track of the actual internal temperature of your keg with the LED display

  • Accessory Kit:

    Non-pressurized-tap, cleaning bottle, CO2 cartridge, rubber ring for tapping non-pressurized kegs, pressurized keg adapter, seal circle, beer tube, CO2 connector, connector seal

  • Taps Non-Pressurized Kegs:

    This kegerator is designed specifically to tap and dispense non-pressurized kegs only