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Party Grill Raclette with Fondue Pot

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Party Grill Raclette with Fondue Pot

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Koolatron 8 Person Party Grill Raclette with Fondue Pot

The Koolatron Party Grill Raclette (TCRF08BN) is fun, versatile, and perfect for entertaining guests. Cook everything from fish and steak to queso and chocolate using one compact appliance. Only the included marble slab and fondue pot should be used to cook with, however the entire grill can be used as a cooking surface as well.

Below the cooking surface are 8 paddles that can be used to cook additional food, appetizers, or allow each person to cook for themselves! Other convenient features include a user-friendly temperature control knob, a thermo-insulated pan handle that stays cool to the touch, and a flameless heating process for safe cooking.

  • Multiple Cooking Surfaces:

    Use the marble slab, fondue pot, or entire grill surface to cook

  • Safety Features:

    The stay-cool pan handle and flameless heating process help to eliminate burning accidents

  • Serves Eight:

    Included are eight (8) slide-out small spatulas that can be used individually and eight (8) fondue sticks