30000 BTU Single Zone Heat Pump Mini-Split System with Inverter Compressor

Sorry, the manufacturer is no longer producing this product.

LG 30000 BTU Single Zone Heat Pump Mini-Split System with Inverter Compressor - White

Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter when you use the LG 30000 BTU Single Zone Heat Pump Mini-Split System with Inverter Compressor (LS307HV). This mini-split system features a powerful 30,000 BTU of cooling and a 32,000 BTU for heating, ensuring that you will get powerful air flow throughout the house with little hassle. A dehumidification function is also featured in this system, which helps to remove up to 9.5 pints of moisture from the air every hour and makes the environment around the unit crisp and colder for optimal comfort. Four (4) fan speeds featured on this system ensure that the air will be pushed through your home or office, no matter how big it is, and the inverter system ensures that you will save energy using the mini-split.

An auto sleep mode on this mini-split system reads the temperature of the room and powers down once the ambient room temperature is reached, while the auto restart ensures that the system will restart with the same settings after an unintended power interruption. The temperature display on the front of the indoor unit displays the current room temperature, giving you an opportunity to change or adjust the temperature to your preferred setting. A 24 hour on/off timer enables you to power the unit on or off on a timer, which means you can have the unit off during the day to save energy, then have it turn on right before you get home to create a comfortable atmosphere for when you walk through the door. Complete with a remote control for convenient use, this mini-split system creates a comfortable environment throughout the home or office for a long time.

  • Dehumidifying Mode:

    A featured dehumidifying mode allows you to remove up to 9.5 pints of moisture in the air every hour, so your surroundings will stay crisp and cold

  • Dual Temperature Modes:

    This mini-split system ensures that you can get comfortable cooling and heating throughout your home or office

  • Energy Saving Settings:

    Features such as the auto shutoff & restart, as well as the 24 hour on/off timer, helps you to conserve energy and save money

NOTE: All LG mini-split air systems should be installed by a professional HVAC technician


  • Model: LS307HV
    LG 30000 BTU Single Zone Heat Pump Mini-Split System with Inverter Compressor
  • Brand: LG
    Inverter system
  • Cooling capacity: 30,000 BTU
    Auto changeover
  • Heating capacity: 32,000 BTU
    Temperature display
  • Dehumidification: 9.5 pints/hr
    Manual power switch
  • Four (4) air speeds
    Defrost control
  • Gold Fin anti-corrosion
    Auto sleep mode/restart
  • Cooling & heating mode
    24 hour on/off timer
  • Dehumidifying mode
    Evaporator frost control
  • Fan mode
    Plasma air purifying system
  • Air circulation (CFM): 730/670/450
    Complete with remote control
  • Cooling temperature range: 64°-86° F
    Freon: R-410A
  • Heating temperature range: 60°-86° F
    Input voltage: 230 V/60 Hz
  • Indoor dB: 48/44/39
    Power: 17.8 A
  • Outdoor dB: 55
    Indoor weight: 39.7 lbs
  • HSPF: 9.5
    Outdoor weight: 132.3 lbs
  • SEER: 18
    Indoor dimensions: 13.63" H x 47.63" W x 8.06" D
  • EER: 10
    Outdoor dimensions: 31.5" H x 34.31" W x 12.63" D
  • Warranty: 3 years parts; 5 years compressor