2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo

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LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo Secondary Image
LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo Secondary Image
LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo Secondary Image
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LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo thumbnail. Click to see details
LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo thumbnail. Click to see details
LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo thumbnail. Click to see details
LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo thumbnail. Click to see details
LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo thumbnail. Click to see details
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LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo - White

How does a combination washer dryer work?


Just like a front loading washer, with a combo all your clothes are placed in the front of the unit and you can choose from a wide variety of wash cycles with the control panel. Combos have just as many wash cycles as a standard washer so that you can customize the wash for each load.


The dry cycle in combo units uses what is called cold water condensation drying. Since combo units wash and dry the clothes in one drum, once the wash cycle is complete the unit heats the air inside the drum and when all the air has been heated and saturated it is sent through a condensing chamber. This chamber is kept cool by cold mist that gets released throughout the dry cycle. When the hot, wet air from the drum enters the condensing chamber the cold water cools the air causing the moisture to release. The cooled air in the chamber is then sent over the heating element and back into the drum where it is heated to soak up the moisture and the process is repeated until the clothes are dry. All the water from the condensing chamber is pumped out of the unit through the same hose that is used to drain water during the wash cycle.

Why would you need a combination washer dryer?

Space Constraints

Washer dryer in small space

With only one unit instead of two, the foot print is much smaller and a combo can be used virtually anywhere. There’s no need for a designated laundry area, you could use the unit by a bathroom or kitchen sink and with a portability kit, roll it away and store it when not in use.

Lack of washer & dryer connections

No washer and dryer connection

All that is needed to install a combo is a 115V plug and access to a faucet or sink to use as the water source and drain. Since no laundry hookups or venting is required, the ease of installation makes combos ideal for not only tight spaces, but homes and apartments that lack traditional laundry connections.

Common Uses:

Apartments/Condos w/o washer/dryer connections

With a 115V plug and faucet you can be up and running washing clothes without laundry connections.


Avoid the hassle of laundromats by bringing a combo on the road with you.


Able to fit in tight spaces, a combo is a nice added convenience to a boat or yacht.

Nursing Homes

Residents can wash their clothes in the comfort of their rooms to maintain a sense of independence.

Extra Washer & Dryer

Whether you have an excess of dirty clothes or want a separate place to wash delicates and light loads, a combo can help tackle your laundry pile.

Mother-in-Law/Guest House

Offer the convenient amenity of a combo in your guest living space.

Extended stay hotels or temporary housing

Insure your guests have all the comforts of home with a combo that requires no permanent installation.

Hair salons

Avoid having to take piles of dirty towels and other laundry offsite to wash by having a combo unit right in the salon.

Optional Accessories

LG Portability Kit

LG Washer Dryer Combo Portability Kit

This kit includes everything you need to hook up your combo unit up to a sink faucet and easily roll it out of the when not in use.

LG Caster Set

Caster Set for LG Combination Washer/Dryers

Caster wheels make moving your combo unit around as easy as can be. Move it next to a sink when you need to wash clothes, and out of the way or into a storage closet when not in use.

Washer Dryer Adapter

Faucet Adapter

This allows you to connect the combo up to a kitchen or bathroom sink instead of a traditional laundry faucet.

Environmentally sound yet silent, the LG 2.3 Cu. Ft. Capacity Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo (WM3477HW) is extremely energy- and water-efficient to help you save money on your monthly bills. This compact all-in-one washer/dryer combo also features LoDecibel quiet operation, making each load whisper quiet so you can't hear it on the other side of the house. The unique ventless condensing drying system doesn't require an external venting source as many conventional dryers do, saving you the hassle of those annoying hook-ups that you associate with many washers and dryers. Perfect for any household and wherever there aren't any normal washer/dryer connections, this ventless combo will keep your whites at their whitest and your colors at their brightest.

  • Ventless Unit:

    This washer/dryer combo operates without an external venting source, meaning hassle-free installation and perfect for homes, apartments, condos or vacation homes lacking conventional washer/dryer connections

  • Minimal Noise:

    The WM3477HW features a direct drive motor and LoDecibel Quiet Operation, both of which contribute to minimizing the noise and vibration produced during use

  • Delay Wash:

    This function allows the cycle to be set but not begin for up to 19 hours, allowing the machine to be unattended but timed to finish preciesly when you it to

  • Capacity:

    This compact combo has a generous 2.3 cu. ft. capacity

  • Cycles:

    The nine (9) washing cycles, five (5) drying cycles and five (5) temperature levels give you precise control over the washing and drying method of your clothes
  • Model: WM3477HW
    LG 15 lb Capacity Ventless Washer/Dryer Combo
  • Brand: LG
    No external venting source required
  • Capacity: 2.3 cu.ft.
    LoDecibel quiet operation
  • 15 lb wash capacity
    Direct drive motor
  • 9 lb dry capacity
    Sanitary cycle function
  • Highly energy- and water-efficient
    Delay wash function
  • CSA listed
    1400 RPM
  • Nine (9) washing cycles
    Input voltage: 120 V/60 Hz
  • Five (5) drying cycles
    Power: 12 A
  • Five (5) temperature levels
    Weight: 155.4 lbs
  • Dial-A-Cycle electronic control panel
    Dimensions: 33.5" H x 24" W x 25.25" D
Owners Manuals

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