Ventless Washer Dryer Combo - 22 lbs. Capacity - Open Box

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The LG Full Sized Combination Washer Dryer is Perfect for Ventless Living Spaces

The LG Ventless Washer Dryer Combo - 22 lbs. Capacity (WM3987HWOB) washer dryer combo with Senseclean boasts a 22 lb. dry laundry capacity and is energy efficient. As the largest capacity front-loading combo washer dryer in its class, the LG WM3987HW utilizes multiple integrated spray jets and a powerful direct-drive motor to provide silent operation and maximum energy efficiency. This model also consumes less power than other washing machines (uses 120V, 60Hz, 12 Amps).

This combination washer dryer washes and dries clothes in a single unit with your choice of 9 wash programs and 5 wash/dry programs. Although it is a space-efficient laundry solution, ideal for locations where a separate washer and dryer wouldn't fit, the full-size tub (4.2 cu ft) means you won't be compromising on washing capacity.

  • Allergy Eliminating Wash Cycle :

    LG's Allergiene™ wash cycle is a powerful, high-temperature cycle designed specifically to reduce common allergens such as dust mites and domestic animal dander from your clothing, sheets and other household fabrics

  • Direct-Drive Motor: :

    Power is delivered right to the drum from the motor without belts, resulting in a highly durable, powerful and energy efficient washing machine

  • SenseClean System :

    The water level and wash time are set automatically based on the weight and size of each load for optimal washing care.

  • RollerJets & Forced Water Circulation :

    Clothes glide over the RollerJets while sprinklers encourage the removal of soil, reducing pilling, fraying, and snags for longer lasting clothing

  • Sanitary Cycle :

    Get tough stains and bacteria out of dirty clothes with this special cycle that boosts water to 158°F

  • Energy Star Rated:

    This washer dryer combo model is Energy Star rated for maximum efficiency

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