Laundry Alternative SUPERWASH $189.99

Super Compact Full Automatic Washing Machine

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Laundry Alternative

Super Compact Full Automatic Washing Machine

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Laundry Alternative Super Compact Full Automatic Washing Machine

The Laundry Alternative Super Compact Full Automatic Washing Machine (SUPERWASH) is a compact and convenient solution for effectively drying laundry while lowering your utility bill. This alternative washing machine requires no washer/dryer hookups and easily connects to your kitchen faucet (and other standard-sized faucets) for a quick wash. Weighing in at 35 pounds—and with a diameter of 13 inches—the portable SUPERWASH can fit almost anywhere. Choose between this appliance’s four wash cycles for a clean cycle tailored to your preferences. This washing machine is easy to install and can be plugged in to any standard outlet. The system’s built-in agitator and spinner works to ensure that your laundry is properly cleaned so you don’t have to waste any time rewashing. This washer is an ideal addition to apartments, boats, dorms and more—anywhere you’d need to do some laundry. Spend less time going to the laundromat and more time doing what you enjoy, thanks to Laundry Alternative.

  • Convenient:

    The SUPERWASH doesn't require any special washer/dryer hookups and can connect to any standard faucet

  • Energy Efficient:

    This Laundry Alternative washer only consumes 150 watts of power, helping you save money with a smaller footprint than other appliances

  • Durable:

    This unit comes equipped with a reliable motor designed for long-term use

  • Spacious:

    This unit can wash around two adult items of clothing and a few pairs of socks, or shorts, at once

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